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5 Reasons Why Traditional Advertising Will Survive The Digital Influx!

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With this surge in digital media platforms like Google Adwords and the likes, I, like many others, have been left wondering about the fate of traditional media. Is the influx of digital media going to fade out our good old traditional mediums?

Well, while digital advertising has its fair share of good and bad, here are 5 reasons that make me believe that traditional media will stand the test of time.

1. Digital Media Is Intrusive:

We have all been through that moment when we were about to enjoy our favorite show on Youtube and suddenly an unskippable ad pops up or how a remarketing campaign tends to follow us on every web page we visit even though we are not keen on buying the product. Digital media is plain intrusive at times. You don't want to see a magazine ad? flip the page! But the omnipresent nature of digital media can be unnerving at times, especially when it's obtrusive.

2. Digital Media is Everywhere (quite literally):

The digital space is cluttered! We are constantly bombarded with advertisements of things we need and a lot of time, of things we don't need. The sophisticated technology of today allows digital marketers to target their ads to the right audience but the problem begins when it's everywhere. Right from a web page in the form of a pop-up or a video ad or on Youtube in the form of a video ad or a banner on the screen! There are too many ads! Traditional ads are also cluttered sometimes but what makes them better in this regard is that they are way less intrusive.

3. Traditional Media Has Its Own Merits:

Another reason why traditional media will survive is because of its own inherent benefits. Traditional mediums like hoardings are a great way to reinforce your brand to your audience. There are chances that people who travel on a route where your hoarding is placed, take that route every day for work or to school. This makes it an ideal platform for creating brand awareness. Traditional platforms like hoardings are also otherwise huge and eye-catchy, unlike digital ads that can easily get lost in the crowd.

4. Creativity To The Rescue:

While digital ads can include video and audio elements to attract customers, the easy availability of the same means that the novelty factor is no longer the same. Whereas a creatively thought hoarding with moving parts or exciting content can easily become the cynosure of all eyes.

5. Rural Reach:

What makes traditional advertising more appealing in a country like India, is its rural reach. While digital advertising is highly flexible and allows targeting, it cannot cater to a majority of the rural population who don't have access to high-speed internet.