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6 Things To Keep In Mind While Designing Artwork For A Hoarding!

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Step outside the house and you are sure to see a multitude of billboards and out-of-home advertising. But what is it about these hoardings that grabs our attention so quickly? is it their size? their placement? or the magic of the art directors that bring these advertisements to life? Can a huge, well placed hoarding with poorly placed content and graphics draw attention? May be, yes but can it improve sales? doubtful!

Here are 6 expert-backed tips on how to design a hoarding that works!

1. Content:

Keep the basic communication as simple as possible. This will grab attention of the viewer instantly as he/she can grasp it in the first glance. Same goes with layout.

2. Images:

Visuals tend to attract more eye balls than text alone. They tell stories! Images with depth and perspective make us feel more a part of it than flatter images. They capture how we see the world. So choose your images carefully.

3. Design:

You can really establish the perspective of your composition through unusual designs. These tend to grab your viewers attention more than regular images, and thus the depth/perspective is amplified.

4. White spaces:

Don't try to fill all the places with text or any design, keep some places blank for relief.

5. Fonts:

Your font is the life blood of your content but it is important to use them appropriately. Use fonts that are easily readable yet stylish. If the caption is small use BIG fonts.

6. Placement of contact details:

The placement of your content is another key factor for a good artwork. The ultimate aim of any advertising activity is to generate income so give the contact details clearly where the reader can instantly pick up.