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Let's Go Green!

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One might say a printer's life is ever so colorful but the new color that is leaving a mark on the printing industry today is the color green! Well, "Go Green", seems to be the new catch phrase. With the introduction of eco-friendly printing solutions, there is a new trend catching up in the industry to adopt as many eco-friendly practices as possible. While these new materials and processes are not 100% green and eco-friendly, they do promise less environmental degradation.

There are so many hoardings and out of home media that we come across every day. Now just imagine the magnitude of toxic waste we create and accumulate every passing day! Environmental protection is the need of the hour and the introduction of non-toxic printing materials is a great step in this direction. Iron frames or PVC boards are great! They are easy to install and not very time consuming but the shift to corrugated boxes can be more environmentally favorable.

With the introduction of environmentally friendly printers like the Latex 3100, which produces an output of 100% biodegradable quality, the environmental hazard of printing can be reduced but the truth is that the trend is yet to catch up in India. A major deterrent is the cost of the technology, both the capital cost and the cost of operation. Green printers are at least 20% expensive in capital costs and the Ink and media for printing, adds another 5%. However, the long-term sustainability is achieved by educating certain customer segments. Today, increasing number of responsible organizations stress on going green!

Another way large format printers can reduce the impact of their printing activities on the environment is by choosing to dispose of waste responsibly. This is a small step with big rewards! Organizations also have the option of promoting and practicing environmental-friendly initiatives like "plant a tree" or "rain water" harvesting.

While these may come across as small measures, they are certainly taking us one step closer towards undoing a part of the damage we do every day.